The Literacy Coalition Stands Behind its Clients

In the face of increasing violence and division in our country, and the uncertain times facing our staff and clients with the change in our national administration, the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas releases the following position statement to guide our decision-making and express support for the clients and communities we serve.

We, the staff and board of the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, commit to...

Stand behind our clients.

  • We will tirelessly empower our clients to understand civic processes and be aware of opportunities to express their voices and exert their power and influence.
  • We condemn all hate crimes and hate speech and will confront hatred and marginalization when we see it.
  • We will not compromise the privacy and integrity of our clients and their personal information.

Work to rebuild trust.

  • We will actively seek out marginalized voices and perspectives.
  • We will work to rebuild trust between institutions and communities of color so all people feel safe in their neighborhoods and inside our doors.

Embrace diversity and be a place of respite. 

  • We are here to serve everyone who wants to learn, and we are committed to being a safe and supportive place for anyone who comes through our doors.

  • We value and embrace diverse cultures, perspectives, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions and backgrounds, as diversity leads to learning and understanding.

  • We will be a place of respite and love for any and all who feel scared, threatened, intimidated or alone—you matter; you are seen; you are loved.


If you feel compelled to act, here are four tangible things you can do to make a difference:

  1. Support our work: donatevolunteer.

  2. Get informed on refugee and immigrant rights. Visit Texas Here to Stay.

  3. Attend the “Know your Rights” session: February 12, 2017 at St. Helen's Catholic Church in Georgetown.  

  4. Learn about and consider supporting the work of our Coalition Partners.