Inspiring Students to Move Forward

After graduating college, Izamar Ocon knew she wanted to enter the adult education field, but did not know where to start until she joined the Literacy Coalition’s English @ Work program. She was then given access to all the resources the Literacy Coalition provides to its partners, including adult education instruction training.

The demand for high-quality adult literacy instruction far outpaces the supply. Nationally, only four percent of the adult English as a Second Language population
is served by state and federal programs. People in need of literacy services rely on community programs. And community literacy programs often lack the resources to provide their volunteer instructors with high-quality training opportunities. The result: less-than-optimal student outcomes.

I feel supported as an instructor through English Forward
— Izamar Ocon

The Literacy Coalition’s English Forward program provides comprehensive, high-quality and consistent English as a Second Language instruction training, curricula and classroom materials at zero cost to local community literacy providers.

“I feel supported as an instructor through English Forward,” Izamar said. “The ample resources they provided are an enormous help in my lesson planning and in addressing challenging classroom situations. There is also a network of instructors that I can access if presented with a challenge in my lesson or classroom.”

"Resources include webinars, teaching tips, more than 80 lesson plans, other classroom materials, and an instructor guide—all found in the English Forward web portal," Izamar said.

As an AmeriCorps service member, Izamar is now teaching English at several Literacy Coalition nonprofit and business partner sites. Aside from making a difference throughout our wide network of partners, Izamar is receiving the experience she will need to enter the workforce once her AmeriCorps term is over.