Info Session: Building a Social Network Analysis

Partners of the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas met for an interactive information session centered on utilizing Kumu, a free, web-based software, to create a Social Network Analysis (SNA). Justin DeBrosse, Director of Instructional Quality, led the discussion on how to create a SNA through Kumu and discussed the importance of identifying LCCT's collective, extended network for both the Literacy Coalition and its partners! 

Together, in collaboration with representatives from ASpIRe, AVANCE, BookSpring, and Austin Community College, DeBrosse presented the Literacy Coalition's existing SNA and accompanying map (see it below). He then gave insight on the benefits that identifying partners, the types of relationships organizations have with one another, and other key factors can provide an organization when organized into this useful tool. DeBrosse then led the small group into beginning to build their own SNA, walking them through the steps of setting up an account and how to start creating relationships. 

Wait... so what exactly is an SNA?

A Social Network Analysis, or SNA for short, is used to analyze connections between individuals, groups, or organizations. An SNA reflects power distributions between organizations and can be used as a tool to study influences and behaviors. Identifying and studying these relationships can strengthen the broader network of LCCT and all its partners! 

Check out the Literacy Coalition's SNA below!

Want to join our Social Network Analysis? Let us know by calling 512-326-8655 x.104