Goals, Pride and Achievement

Walking into the Boyd Vance Theatre, our Learning Center's 2016 graduates were filled with mixed emotions. After balancing months of courses, jobs and responsibilities at home, it was the bittersweet moment the students had been waiting for. 

On January 19, the George Washington Carver Museum hosted the annual Literacy Coalition's Learning Center graduation, celebrating the lives of 22 hard-working students who kept us inspired in 2016. 

"Instead of an end to the students' time with the Literacy Coalition, graduation is simply the beginning of the life they have always wanted to live," said Ashlee Kraus, social services coordinator. "Although it is not always easy, it is always important to create time to help those who need assistance to become who they are meant to be."

At the Literacy Coalition, we make the time for people who make time for their families and themselves. In turn, we hope to encourage them to make a difference in someone else’s life.