Families Celebrate Parenting Milestone

To the world you are one person, but to your child, you are the world.”
— Victoria Osteen

On December 17, more than 100 families gathered at Allan Center to celebrate their milestone of the year: the end of their participation in our bilingual parenting program.

With 14 weeks of work under their belt, our parenting program participants took with them parenting strategies and the relationships they built along the way. And thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, every family with perfect attendance received a digital tablet.

Our parenting program, modeled after the nationally renowned Play and Learning Strategies (PALS) curriculum, takes place at many of our Coalition Partner sites. Through communication techniques, child psychology and hands-on practice, the program aims to be a catalyst to ensure parents set their children up for success at school and in life.

"While the PALS parenting program instructs adults on how to deepen their impact as parents, there is so much children can teach adults too," said Melissa Sanchez, PALS program assistant director. "As we grow older, we make time for work, but never to play. We practice our business, but never exercise our creativity. We seek to be rich without being rich in happiness. Children see the beauty in the world that adults often miss amidst the chaos of life. And that beauty is something worth holding onto. "