Integrated Education and Training (IET)

The Integrated Education and Training program strives to provide our clients with the necessary skills to be successful and productive members of our workforce. We do this by incorporating three parts into our program:

1.       Vocational Training: IET partners with vocational training schools that provide instruction in Spanish. Our students are able to receive quality training in an area of their choosing (HVAC, Core Construction, or Certified Nursing Assistant) and finish with a state certification.

2.       English as a Second Language: We believe that learning English is the best way for our students to be able to navigate in the workforce. Our lessons are contextualized to what students are learning in their vocational training class as well as conversations they are likely to experience while working in their field.

3.       Workforce Preparation: In this workforce readiness class, students practice important skill such as interviewing, requesting time off, and workplace etiquette. Most importantly, students learn about their career goals and discover ways to reach those goals.

Free classes are available throughout the Austin area!

How to Sign Up

All potential students that wish to participate in our program need to have the right to work in the United States and have the high school equivalent, either in the US or their native countries. Other requirements vary depending on what vocational training students are interested in.

Classes are offered throughout the Austin area. For more information about requirements or to learn about our current class schedules, please contact Annali Fuentes, at 512-326-8655 x124 or



All classes are free for qualified students!